Up for sale is a Lucent Orinoco WaveLan PCMCIA Wireless GOLD PC Card.

This item is in excellent condition.

Price with shipping in the USA is $25

Rest of the world: $32

The card is 5V, and 16bit, so it will work with older as well as newer machines.

This is it, the ultimate wireless card with the Hermes chipset

This card works with most Computers/OSes & Embedded devices

PDAs, Laptops, Desktops (with an adapter), Embedded Devices, Robot Dogs, Even the Plan 9 OS from Bell Labs

Basically, if you have a Type II PCMCIA slot, this card will more than likely work--if you have something either rare or old, please check with me before ordering.

Unlike most cards, this one has an antenna jack...the sky's the limit on what you can plug into it

I finally got a battery for my Powerbook that works and did some range testing.

I took a RG-1000 access point, hooked up one of the external antennas I sell (see my other items) and placed it outside my window. I then took one of these cards, put it in my laptop with one of those external antennas hooked up as well, turned on a shoutcast 128kbps stream on winamp and started walking straight away from my house

At about 2050 feet, I walked over a berm and the audio finally stopped and the signal meter went to "no signal" and back a few times, I could move the external antenna around and winamp would start buffering, but it wasn't too reliable. If I had a longer straight stretch, I definately could have gotten more range.

This is a used card, please ask if you need a new card, I occasionally come across some.

The card is 5V, and 16bit, so it will work with older as well as newer machines.

This card is capable of 802.11b @ 11mbps--in real terms, you would be able to transfer a 5 Megabyte file in about 3.5 Seconds. 11mbps is also faster than almost all Internet connections.

Got an older Macintosh laptop? This card will work in it-Compatable with OSes 7, 8, and 9 and OSX.

System 7 to 9 drivers here ---> http://www.alksoft.com/personal/stuff.html

OSX drivers can be found here ---> http://wirelessdriver.sourceforge.net/download.html

This driver may not work for everyone, One person could not get it to work on a Powerbook G3 Pismo (Bronze Keyboard) running OSX. The driver here--> http://ioxperts.com/products/80211b_X.html seems to work for him, but I do not guarantee OSX compatability.

The Orinoco Driver and Airport Driver cannot be installed on Macintoshes at the same time, please make sure to only have one running to prevent problems.

Also works with Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista. Also works with Linux

Compatible with Windows CE 211/212/3.0/4.0

This card will work with some versions of the Apple Newton Messagepad and the eMate. I just got an email from someone that got it to work in theirs. Check here for details.



http://www.ff.iij4u.or.jp/~ngc/eng/newtwave.htm <--Drivers

This card will support 14 channels for worldwide support, but I will only activate them if shipping to a country that allows more than 11 or you will be traveling overseas.

This card is an upgraded GOLD Card.

This allows 128RC4 encryption

You may receive a card with a different brand label on it, these have the exact same part number. These companies bought the cards from Lucent and just put their sticker on it, they do not have any functional difference, and all of my wireless cards are tested before they are shipped.

This card has a range of 1750 feet, but tranfer rates will decline as the distance increases.

includes a port for an external antenna(MC connector), try using one of those chip cans or even an old satellite dish http://www.wwc.edu/~frohro/Airport/Primestar/Primestar.html they claim you can have full bandwidth at 10 miles.

I have been getting feedback on the wireless cards I have sold and buyers have been using them with success in Apple PowerBook 1400 running MacOS System 7.6.1. I have also used, and test these cards in my Powerbook G3 WallStreet running OS 9.1.

I have used these on a Windows Machine with a PCI Adapter and a USB Adapter (Plese check my other auctions)

One buyer has also used it in both Windows 2000 and Linux.

These pictures are of the 3rd party cards I have been selling, but the only difference is a brand name and different stickers. MacOS 9 sees it as a Gold Card, it says 3rd party gold card, but that screenshot was taken with one of my offbrand cards(Yes, there is signal, but I have no idea where it is coming from--Just sitting in my home, the meter keeps changing and showing different networks and MAC addresses)

This is the Card.

And here it is in my Wallstreet PowerBook G3.

And finally here is a picture of the Antenna jack-to significantly improve your range.

Thanks, for looking, and if there are any other questions about the card, let me know, and I'll try to find out the answer.

I found some specifications about the card, maybe these will help someone: Nominal Output Power: 15 dBm, Transmit Mode: 280 mA, Receive Mode: 180 mA, Doze Mode: 10: mA. Receiver Sensitivity: 11Mb/s: -83 dBm, 5.5Mb/s: -87 dBm, 2Mb/s: -91 dBm, 1Mb/s: -94 dBm.

I get a lot of questions about international shipping. I ship to most countries, there are a few exceptions International shipping requires me to fill out a form and to drive to a different post office than I normally go to, so it may take a day or two more than shipping within the USA.

I've got some hard plastic cases for some of these. If you want one, let me know. If you never take the card out of the laptop, you probally won't need it.

These cards are based on the Hermes Chipset and I've been told they can work in Monitor Mode

The Part number of this item is PC24E-H-FC


1. Why should I buy from you?
Well, I've put a lot of effort into really getting to know these cards. I've sold several hundred in the last 3 years and can tell you what they will work in and what they won't. I also upgrade and test every card--you will not get a bad card from me

2. Why is the label different from the picture?
These cards were very popular and several companies just put their label on them...the hardware in the case is all the same in them.

3. You sent me a Silver card.
No, I sent you a card with a Silver label, the Hardware inside is GOLD. When these cards were new, the government did not allow export of high encryption to some countries. Rather than make a totally different card, the manufacturer just disabled the high encryption feature of the card and put a different label on. I have a program that re-enables the high encryption.

4. A link in your listing doesn't work.
Please let me know, I'll try to fix it, or get you the driver you need.