You are here because you are a Macintosh User. If you are using Mac OS 8.5 or before or if you are using Apple's Airport drivers this will affect you, otherwise please disregard.
The notice is here because I have made the discovery that some of my cards do not work with the Apple Airport drivers or the Orinoco drivers older than version 7.2. To prevent problems, please let me know that you need a card that will work for those setups after you win the auction. I will then send you a card that I know will work for you.

For those of you wondering what the issue is: Some of my cards have different brand labels, the cards are indentical inside, with the exact same part number, but there is a slight difference on some of them.
When you insert a card into your computer with no driver installed it will appear on the desktop with its real name. Airport and Older versions of Orinoco only work if the name is "WaveLAN/IEEE" Some cards show up with different names.
I have found two solutions to this problem.
1. I just send you a card where the name is WaveLAN/IEEE. Everything works, everyone's happy.
2. I have found a way to edit the firmware in those cards with different names to change it to "WaveLAN/IEEE". This involves Windows 98, DOS and command line commands.
This works fine too. So as long as you tell me before I get the card shipped out, you don't have to wory about anything.